Willie Drake


From the earliest days of the Internet, it has been challenging for anyone to share information responsibly and safely, and kids have always been at great risk of being hurt by negative online experiences, like bullying.

In 2010, determined to help kids keep themselves and their information safe online, Willie founded Cliquepoint Data Foundation.

For a number of years, he and the rest of the Cliquepoint team gathered kids wherever they could—from church basements to neighborhood parks—to teach them how to use the Internet in positive ways.

For Willie, this was rewarding work, but over time he came to realize that there was an even better way to make a lasting difference in the lives of kids—and adults—in our Cleveland communities, and the organization’s new mission to support STEM education reflects this realization.

Reinvigorated by Cliquepoint’s new direction, Willie looks forward to Cliquepoint taking its place in the community as a center for learning and progress.

Rick Patterson

Board President

Rick holds a doctorate in education from National Louis University in Chicago, and he is the founder and principal owner of the Thomas Jennings Open Learning Village, an online learning community that promotes professional development and personal enrichment. Rick is an accomplished teacher, developing and facilitating courses in online learning, nonprofit leadership, social entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and more.

His extensive background in educational administration includes serving as assistant vice president of distance learning at Old Dominion University and director of private and out of state postsecondary education with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, among others.

Rick’s involvement with Cliquepoint Data Foundation reflects his passion for lifelong learning and community betterment. His vision for the future for Cliquepoint places it at the center of greater educational attainment and career success for adults and children throughout Cleveland’s underresourced communities.

Mary Louise Williams

Board Member

Mary is an ordained minister with a long history of involvement in community service and social justice causes. She holds a master’s degree in social justice from Marygrove College Graduate School in Detroit, and a bachelor’s degree in history (with a minor in psychology), also from Marygrove College.

She has served in multiple leadership positions in religious organizations and has been involved in a range of fundraising efforts – providing aid to the survivors of Katrina, and sending medical supplies to India in 2010, and bedding, clothing and school supplies to Mississippi in 2011.

She is a strong advocate for education and social change within underserved communities around the world.