Cliquepoint Data Foundation began in 2010 with an ambitious mission, to help train kids to use technology safely and responsibly, and to support and promote online privacy.

For a number of years, we held classes and workshops in libraries, churches, basements – anywhere we could bring a group of kids together to learn how to be safe and responsible online citizens.

As it turned out, the issues surrounding Internet privacy and responsible online behavior are much bigger than a single community organization can address, so Cliquepoint needed to change.

We have kept track of trends in education and the workplace and have seen how career success increasingly requires strong skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We also know that the kids in our economically disadvantaged neighborhoods are not getting an adequate STEM education for their future success.

That is now our mission – to support our kids in gaining the kind of STEM education that will help them thrive in the workplaces of the future.