Located on East 55th Street and Superior Avenue in Cleveland, our building opened its doors in 1904, operating as a settlement house serving working men and boys, and its purpose has evolved over time.

The old Rainey Memorial Institute
The old Rainey Memorial Institute

The space became known as the Rainey Memorial Institute in recognition of its first director, Eleanor Rainey, and the leadership role she played in founding the settlement.

In 1956, the Rainey Institute joined the Neighborhood Settlement Association, gradually transforming into an arts organization that also provided music programming in cooperation with Cleveland’s Music Settlement.
By the 1990s, the Rainey Institute served about 225 children annually, with programs that had expanded further to include drama and African dance.

Cliquepoint Data Foundation bought the building in 2017, with a vision to transform the building rich history into a 21st century Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math Resource Center for the low-income community.